About The Ginger

Hello world! My name is Casey and I’m a ginger.  Now before you run in fear, let me tell you a little about myself.

            Before my entourage and I decided to take off and see the world, I was working for Florida State and as a bartender at night.  Working at Florida State, I loved working with kids, and being able to teach them was really inspiring for me. They even let me play dress-up!

I even got to teach kids about marine invertebrates, which meant hands-on with some very interesting characters:

Working as a bartender was definitely my “money-maker”, but I developed some not-so-good habits that came with the territory.

I have a pretty amazing family, and I wouldn’t be as awesome if it weren’t for them. I am the leader of my two younger sisters (I’m the oldest and wisest), and the mother of a pretty adorable Dachshund. I like long walks on the beach (as long as I have enough sunscreen), getting caught in the rain, I’ve even been known to skydive:

Although I wouldn’t exchange the experiences I gained from working (or playing) for anything in the world, it was time for me to move on. I had been on the same schedule and routine for years, following the “checklist” that promised the American dream. I began to wonder if there was anything I was missing.

With an awesome team (Jake and Jack), we decided to save our money (not so much Jack, he’s a diva) and shake things up a bit! Now we’re living in Ecuador, hitting as many cities as we can. Nowhere in the world is off limits to us (except the life-threatening places perhaps) and we hope to see it all!