About Jack

My name is Jack and I’m a 6-year-old Dachshund, but who’s counting?  Some might say I’m the alpha of our little pack. Jake thinks he is and the Ginger thinks she is, but the truth of the matter is.. I am!

I definitely do my share of exploring! Well, as much as I can with these short legs. No problem though.. If I get tired, I just whine and somebody always picks me up. Amazing..huh? I love sniffing, running, jumping, eating, and sleeping.  Since Jake and the Ginger have taken me to Ecuador, I have discovered that I love waterfalls, mountains, and the tuna out of encebollado. 

I am the best model, stud, diva, whatever the appropriate term is of the pack.  I don’t know what the Ginger and Jake would take pictures of if I weren’t around to pose for them!  I think I need more tuna, don’t you?

I love all the time I spend with my pack now that they aren’t leaving me every day to go to some place called “work”. Among my many skills is getting stuck in shirts and pants.  I love trying on clothes, but I have more trouble getting out of them than in.. Hey, I have a good idea.. Why don’t you follow our blog and keep up with all my adventures. Oh, yeah.. I am also smart!