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Jake, Jack, and a Ginger!

We are a pack of three off to explore this incredible world! We saved up our money, cast aside our previous lives, and decided to set off on an adventure of a lifetime! We want to make traveling with pets a reality for those who can’t leave their furry friends at home, but still want to travel the world. Come with us as we explore and learn about everything life and travel have to offer!

We are currently exploring Ecuador; climbing volcanoes, canyoning down waterfalls, eating amazing produce, and generally having the time of our lives! If you want to see the adventures we’re going on, keep up with our 50 Days of Raw challenge, or take advantage of our resources, please sign up below.  We can’t wait for you to come along with us on this incredible journey!

 Adventures Travel Adventures
 Do you ever dream of running away to an exotic place? Whether you like being surrounded by incredible nature, sipping hand-crafted beverages by the beach, or trekking up a mountain to feel like you’re on top of the world, take advantage of our experiences to plan your next trip. Get out enjoy the day and live your life a little!
 Pics & Flicks  Travel Pictures & Videos
A picture is worth a thousand words… Well, we have plenty of words, pictures, and videos!  Pictures and videos allow us to experience others lives. If you’d like to live vicariously through us or check out a location before you go, we have the pictures and videos for you! Share our journey and see the sights that keep us going!
That’s right, we put Jack’s sniffer to the test. In any adventure, it’s important to plan and have all your dachshunds in a row before venturing out. Our goal is to give you as much information as possible so you can have the best experience! All these wonderful places are within anyone’s reach, but it certainly helps to have a plan.